8 kids bathroom decor ideas that your child will love

Parenting is hard work. Bath time is perhaps the hardest periods of the day. Before you put your child down for the night, it is important to wash and clean them. It is not necessarily the water and compulsion that makes kids act out when they are bathed; it has more to do with the fact that they have nothing to see, nothing new to touch and explore.

You can change all that by incorporating innovate kids bathroom decor ideas. This will make bath time much more fun and interesting for them—and a little less tiring and strenuous for you. Here are 8 great ideas to re-design your bathroom, so that it creates the perfect atmosphere for your child:

  1. Self-made art on the wall

You should always encourage the natural creativity of your children. The stamping of paper with impressions from their hands and feet is one of the most obvious things you can have them do. You can then take this art and hang it on the bathroom wall. This will give them something to look at and contemplate.

  1. Lego accessories

Lego is one of the world’s premiere toy manufacturers. The thing that distinguishes them most is the quality of their toys and their ability to instruct and educate children. You can bring Lego accessories to bath time and even lay down colors in your bathroom that match those of the toys. This will encourage your child to associate play time with bath time.

  1. Flower power

You can have a wall mural laid down in your bathroom that adds a bit of zest to it. If you have a girl, you can do something in the shape of a flower. Turtles, frogs, and jungle animals are recommended for boys.

  1. Mini-stool

You want to encourage your child to develop certain hygienic. To do so, they must be able to reach the sink. If you want your child to get into the habit of brushing, flossing, and washing their face, you should have a stool installed. It can be either a sliding stool or one that they can take down from a rack and place before the sink.

  1. The seashell

This is a very popular fixture. It is essentially a water spout in the design of a sea shell. Rather than pushing water out it allows it to pour out. This is a big difference. The latter is gentler and more playful.

  1. Cartoon mirror

You can have mirrors installed that are in the shape of one of the more noticeable characters from your children’s favorite cartoons. Mickey Mouse is a favorite.

  1. Funny hooks

You can add a bit of dash to the bathroom by having colorful and fun towel hooks installed. You want to install the kind of hooks that will encourage your children to hang their towels rather than leave them in unsanitary places.

  1. Colorful cabinet

Rather than a plain wood or metal cabinet you should have one that is filled with a variety of colors and shapes. This will change the atmosphere of the bathroom for the positive.

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