7 Essential Features of a Great Modern Bathroom

Whether you are modernising a house to boost your home life or to add its value, the bathroom is one of the critical rooms where you should be keen on renovating. A luxury bathroom is a great place for relaxation; it creates an immense ambiance. Here are seven superb features that will transform your bathroom.

Ideal Standard Toilet Seats

It is essential to select a top-quality and gorgeous toilet seat if you want your bathroom to look elegantly modern. When it comes to ideal standard toilet seats, the choices are endless; select from the different types of toilet seats from plastic, ceramic soft close toilet seat or wooden. Consider these when selecting a toilet seat:

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  • Theme and décor of the bathroom colours.
  • Size and shape of the soft close toilet seat (or any other type of toilet seat).
  • The toilet seat material – Choose from cushioned, plastic, and wooden seats.
  • Select an easy-to-clean soft close toilet seat.
  • Consider the toilet seat users – Use ones with an elevator when dealing with elderly people. Heated seats are also preferable if you have medical problems. Choosing a soft close toilet seat is useful when you done want to get little ones fingers trapped, or a shocking bang sound when the lid shuts.

Underfloor Heating

If you wish to give your bathroom a spectacular luxury finish, underfloor heating will come in handy. It will eliminate the shock of coming into contact with cold floor after having a warm bath. The warmth will allow the bathroom to dry out effectively and quickly.

LED Door Handles and Tiles

Create a personalised feel in your interiors by using LEDs selectively to highlight the features in your bathroom. You can install these lights within your tiles or in your door handles. Magnificently designed LEDs and a specially designed soft close toilet seat transform harmoniously to give your lavatory a luxury touch.

Thermostatic Showers

Regardless of the installation or space, thermostatic showers will transform your daily shower experience entirely. There are different shower designs to choose from if you want a modernised lavish feel in your bathrooms. The thermostatic shower is safe to use as it regulates water temperatures to protect you from scalding water.

High-Gloss Tiles

The perfect way to complete your modern bathroom is to use high-gloss tiles around the bath or above the sink. Ensure that you select colour schemes that rhyme with the bathroom walls and lighting for a shining and shimmering bathroom. Doing so will set a pleasant tone and mood in the bathroom.

Dual-Flush Toilet

Reducing bills, saving water, and most importantly being friendly to the environment is a priority by most people when refurbishing their bathrooms. Having a dual-flush toilet will help you achieve this; it is efficient and regulates your water usage efficiently. It is ideal for anyone living in warmer climates.

Walk-In Showers

If you are looking for a convenient, sleeker looking bathroom, then curb-less walk-in shower should be your first priority. Such showers are designed specially to prevent tripping. They are perfect for elderly people and individuals with mobility challenges.

Having a modern bathroom is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is select the best toilet seats, beautiful tiles and sinks, make use of gorgeous lighting options, and opt for designs that regulate your use of water. Having a competent designer to work on your bathroom is also a fantastic idea.

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