6 Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier on Your Kids

Relocation is the time when the total home will be in chaos and when you have small children running and crying all over the place, it becomes your own place of hell! Your kids will feel uncomfortable with so much activity and if they can understand that they are moving to a new place that adds a whole new level of problems to manage.

This will take a toll on your productivity when your kids are giving you hard time. You won’t be able to concentrate properly on the relocation works and more you have a lot of work unfinished, the more stressed you will get. This becomes a chain reaction unless you take some steps from the beginning to plan your relocation to go as smoothly as it can along with your kids.

  • Get help

Especially when you have kids during relocation, the best way is to ask someone for help. It may be your friends, parents or relatives, ask them to take care of your kids during a weekend so that you can complete most of your packing. If that’s not possible, hire a babysitter and ask her to take your kids out to the park or for lunch during which you can do the hard work.

Sometimes, arranging a play date with any of your kid’s friends will be much better. You can have a major portion of the day to yourself without feeling guilty about leaving your kids. Whatever you plan to, it is best to get the help of someone you trust to handle the kids and someone who the kids loves to be with.

  • Engage them

Of course, you can’t get rid of your kids for an entire week. You will have to do small packing works in the presence of your kids. To avoid letting your kids interrupt your work, give them something to do like letting them play with their favorite toy. Sometimes, the best way to keep them calm is by making them feel like a part of the work you do. You can give your kids their own box and ask them to decorate it with sketches and so on.

You know your kids the best. So think of a way to include them in your packing for which they will take a long time!

  • Start at least a month earlier

You can never go wrong with planning ahead when you have kids. Start much before your relocation date so that you will have some cushion period in case anything goes wrong or takes a long time. Also, you will have a lot of time to let your kids get gradually accustomed to all the chaotic packing schedules you have, or at the very least, you will come to know how to handle them the best!

Start slow with packing the unessential things and purging out unnecessary things simultaneously. Spend a few hours every week and then increase it as you near the relocation date. It is best to plan your packing such that you are all set two weeks before your relocation.

  • Do the heavy lifting at night

If there is some major packing work going on, don’t do it in the times when the kids are around. Wait for them to fall asleep and do the job at night, like dismantling the dinner table or packing expensive paintings, so that your kids aren’t around to damage, disturb or worse, get hurt.  If you are going to donate some things, you can load it in your car in the night, especially when you are donating your kids’ playthings.

  • Communicate with your kids

Sometimes the best way is to talk to your kids, as simple as that. Kids are perceptive and more understandable than we give them credit for.

It is also important to get your kids emotionally ready to move to a new place. Talk to them and get them excited about the new place with new rooms for them. This will go a long way to ease your move after you have shifted to the new location.

  • Hire removalists

When you a lot of relocation work pending, then it is better to hire removalists to do the job for you. You can hire them to pack the heavy things and relocate all your boxes to your new house while you take care of your kids. If required, you can also pay extra to get your stuff unpacked at your new home.

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