6 Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture


Redesigning your home, or decorating it for the first time, can be a costly endeavor. One way to save on your next upgrade for your home in your apartment community is through the purchase of second hand furniture. Buying used furniture can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings, but you need to proceed with caution to avoid buying something that smells like a wet dog or is infested with pests. Here are some tips to help you find and buy used furniture without making a costly mistake.

  1. Give it the Sniff Test

If the furniture smells a little off, then it’s not going to smell better when you get it home. Yes, shampooing can remove some odors, but a strong pet or smoke smell is not going to go away easily. Pass on any furniture that smells a little off.

  1. Skip the Mattresses

Mattresses are not something to buy second hand. Mattresses hold dust, dust mites, and germs, not to mention the potential for bed bugs. This is one furniture purchase that needs to be new.

  1. Consider Reupholstering

Does a piece of furniture have good “bones” but terrible upholstery? Reupholstering, even if you have to pay someone else to do it, is usually much more affordable than buying something new. You can create a true gem for your home with a well-made older piece that is beautifully reupholstered.

  1. Consider the Benefits of Hardwood, but Don’t Ignore Veneer

Veneer furniture has gotten a bad reputation for being cheaply made, but it can be beautiful (and affordable). When shopping for used furniture, consider the benefits of hardwood, which will last for ages when taken care of well, but don’t neglect to consider veneer if it fits your needs well. Keep in mind that you cannot re-stain veneer, whereas you can hardwood, but either one can be a welcome addition to your home.

  1. Embrace Metal

Metal furniture is some of the best furniture to buy used. It is easier to clean than other types, does not harbor odors, and can be repainted to cover rust and other problems easily.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to “Dumpster Dive”

Once you get a feel for what makes a quality piece and what does not, don’t be afraid to get out there and check the trash. You can find some buried treasures in the trash heap that, with a little TLC, can be tremendous assets to your home. Be sure to use your senses to carefully evaluate what you find, but don’t be scared to turn another man’s trash into your own personal treasure.

Second hand furniture is a great way to extend your furniture shopping dollars. Doing it smart will protect you from unwanted surprises. Take these tips to heart, and start looking for the right pieces for your luxury apartment home.

Post Author: Rocko Berry

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