5 Tips for Installing Siding in Your Home

Cedar Shake Siding is one of the best options for sprucing up the exterior of your home. You can get the siding in different colours and styles giving you the freedom to get a customized look depending on what you want. However, if you want your cedar shake siding to serve you for many years, it is crucial that you install it correctly. Below are necessary steps when installing your Cedar Shake Siding in your home.

  • Prepare the walls

Before installing any siding, you should ensure that your first prepare the walls. You should install the siding on a flat and leveled surface. If you want to install the vinyl on a new construction avoid using green lumber as an underlayment. You should also install a weather barrier on the house before installing any siding. Using weather barrier systems on your wall will prevent moisture from going through the structure of the walls.

  • Use accessories

Before hanging the siding, there are some accessories which should be attached first. These accessories include corner posts, starter strips, trim, window flashing and placing j lines over the roof. For you to install the siding in a leveled manner, the starter strip at the bottom of the wall should also be level.

  • Work as a team

You can install siding on your own since the panels and planks are not too heavy. However, it is best to work with one person or two to speedup up the process and make the installation a bit easier. One person can hold the panel from their end and nail it while you nail your end of the panel from your side. Also, one person can measure the siding while another cuts it.

  • Use the right tools

There are many tools which can be used in cutting Cedar Shake Siding. Some of the tools used include a sharp utility knife or compound miter saw. If you are working with different panels like long strips of siding you can use metal shears.

Metal shears are good in saving time and energy as compared to using utility knives. Also, you can use metal shears for rough cuts and a utility knife for making detail cuts. When doing a siding job, you need to ensure that you have lots of extra blades for cutting through pieces easily.

  • Use scaffolding

If you are working alone, you should consider using scaffolding instead of using a ladder. It will be tiring and time-consuming if you will have to climb each wall and then move the ladder while installing Cedar Sake Siding on the middle sections. You can either buy or rent scaffolding to use during the installation.


Installing Cedar Shake siding is not a hard task. When you follow the above tips, the installation process will be an easy task whether you are doing it alone or with a friend. Once you are done with installing it, you need to maintain your siding for it to have a beautiful curb appeal and give you service for many years.

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