5 – Great Reasons Why You Need Clean Gutters

It is no doubt that many people forget to clean their gutters more often than normal. Until disaster knocking at your homestead that is when you remember to do something to your gutters. With the help of a handyman, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as they will help you clean your gutters. It is very important to keep your homestead clean all the time. Dirty gutters can be a disaster in waiting.

Why you need to clean your gutters

Rodents and insects can make a nest on the gutters

Gutters collect all sorts of leaves, sticks and every kind of debris as time goes. This becomes a conducive environment for rodents, snakes and even harmful insects to burrow in and make a home and later gain access to your home. This poses a risk to your family. They risk bites from these animals can cause sickness to your family. Did you know that a bite from rodents can cause rabies? Rabies is deadly if not treated as soon as possible. So why wait for disaster to strike for you to act?

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Blocked drainages

This is what a dirt gutter can do to your drainage. The collection of leaves and other dirt are pushed down the drainage causing blockage. You never know where the blockage may happen; some places may not wait for the plumber to repair. Think of sewerage blockage, think of the mess the blockage will have on your homestead as you wait for a plumber to arrive.

Unpleasant homestead

Dirt can erode your iron sheet making them look awful. Exposing anything that is made of iron sheet with excessive moisture will cause rusting. Imaging of a rooftop that has rusted, it destroys the image of a homestead, isn’t it? Leaves and other dirt rot and looks really unattractive on top of the roof.

Cause Sicknesses to your family

Stagnant waters is a good breeding environment for bacteria, molds, and insects like mosquitoes. You do not want to increase your hospital bills for something that can be avoided. A clean environment can put away all disease-causing organism in your home.

Damages your house

Wet leaves and sticks that accumulate on your gutters hold a lot of water from dews to rain waters for a long time. When in contact with the walls of your house which are made of timber they may cause them to get weaker affecting the strength of the whole house.

How often do you need to clean your gutters

You need to clean your gutters more than twice a year. However, if your house is surrounded by trees or you are in the windy environment you will need to clean your gutters as often as you clean your flower bed. There is no recommended time for cleaning your gutters as it depends on your locality and how soon the dirt collect on your gutters. Therefore frequent inspection of your gutters is recommended.

Why you need a professional gutter cleaner

Many homeowners would want to do gutter cleaning on their own. However, this is a dangerous task that needs a professional to do it. Here are the reasons why you need to hire a qualified handyman to clean your gutters.

  • Your safety. Your safety is very important. Cleaning gutters need you to climb a ladder. You are at a risk of falling down and even breaking your limbs on a ladder. You need to let a professional work for you.
  • Difficult job. Cleaning gutters for all the roofs in your home is not an easy job. If this is not your profession don’t just tire yourself where someone can do it easily.
  • Testing the drainage. Cleaning the gutter is not complete until you have tested your drainages. This is a job that can be done by a professional. A professional will need to open manholes to ensure the drainages are completely clean.

Nothing beats a clean home. This is where you relax after a crazy day. You do not want to come home to find rats running all over the house or insects bits here and there. You want a quiet clean environment to make you relax. This will start by cleaning your gutters. Hire a professional handyman to make your work easier.

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