3 Window Treatment Every Homeowner Must Know

Your windows are one of the essential parts of your house. It is a necessity. Can you imagine living in a place where there are no windows? Of course not. They are needed for many different reasons and not just for decoration. You need windows to let in fresh air into the different parts of your house. You also need it for practical purposes such as letting in natural lighting in the house.

However, when the windows are not covered, you may also be vulnerable. It could give burglars a view of how the house looks like, and it could also be an issue to your privacy. Additionally, sun rays could also cause problems. What you need is to balance everything by making sure you use a window treatment. There are many different categories to choose from. It is up to you to decide which one you should go for, but it is best to get to know all of them.

Hard Window Treatment

Hard window treatments as the name implies are made with hard materials such as vinyl or wood. Typical examples of hard window treatments are Houston blinds and shutters as well as shades. There are two kinds of window shutters; they can either be fixed slats or louvered. But both come with hinges so you can open and close them. They can also be made with either wood or plastic. A shutter is useful you want to control the amount of light or air that goes into the room.

When it comes to shades, there are many different types to choose from. You can go for woven wood shades or cellular shades. The woven shades are often made with bamboo, grasses and different kinds of wood. They are good decorations as well as protection. On the other hand, the cellular shades come in a honeycomb design. The design does not only offer beauty, but it is also practical since it maximizes the insulation of the home and it increases energy efficiency too.

Pleated blinds and Venetian blinds are one of the most common types of hard treatment. They are affordable and easy to use. They are also very beneficial in different ways.

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Soft Window Treatment

Soft window treatments also range from different kinds of materials. And as the name implies, they are made with soft plastics. Some of the most common ones that are being used these days are curtains, drapes, sheers, swags, Romans shades and valances. The good thing about this is that you can choose a variety of designs from the market and you can change them often too. It is perhaps the most common kind of window treatment being used all over the world.

Combination Treatment

There are times wherein you might want to combine both hard and soft treatment. In cases like this, it becomes the combination or layered window treatment. This type of therapy is becoming more and more popular these days. It does not only give double protection, but it also offers the right combination of fixture and decorations. If you choose to use this type of treatment, you can set your combinations depending on how you would want your windows to look like.

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