11 Walk in shower ideas that will get you excited for your next project

Using the same material for every single project may feel monotonous. There are definitely a lot of ways for you to mix it up. If you are looking for something to spice up your next project, here are 11 walk in shower ideas for you.

  1. Go with oversized tiles

With walk in showers, oversized tiles provide a great aesthetic. You can mix it up by choosing a specific style of wall for the shower section while choosing something else for the rest of the bathroom.


  1. Make sure your floor is slip resistant

There are a lot of options when it comes to shower floors. You have glass tiles, ceramic, stone, and other waterproof flooring options. Choose something that is great to look at but safe as well.

  1. Don’t be shy with your decorations

The most common misconception about the shower is that you can’t decorate it. There are a lot of ways for you to decorate it. That includes the lighting, wall accessories, and even the showerhead.

  1. Stick it in the corner

Are you looking to save space with your walk in shower? Place it in the corner. You can even put a counter right next to it so you have something to put your items on.

  1. Ditch the tub

If you are having a tough time choosing between a shower and a tub, you definitely should go with the former. The tub consumes a lot of space and is not as easy to access as a shower.


  1. Have it in the center

There’s a lot of walk in shower ideas when it comes to spacious bathrooms. If you have one, you can even try outputting the glass-walled shower in the center.

  1. Use natural lighting

Make a negative become positive by transforming those awkwardly low ceilings into windows to provide you with natural lighting as you shower. This will also prevent you from feeling claustrophobic inside a tight space.

  1. Color code everything

A different approach with a walk in shower is to color code everything. Anything that is connected to plumbing can be gold, counters can be wooden, walls can be white tiles, and the floor can be black.

  1. Put furniture in the shower

A walk in shower that is designed in a manner that prevents water from spraying out can be designed with furniture such as a stool or event a stereo inside to keep you entertained.


  1. Extra storage in the shower

Suffering from a lack of space for your apartment? Your walk in shower doesn’t have to be an empty space only for your bathing needs. You can use higher spaces as storage with the use of shelves.

  1. Pick a theme

If you need something to work with while not going overboard, you should pick a theme. Make your shower feel like you are on the beach. Maybe you are looking for something that mimics an old-timey bathroom? It’s your choice.

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Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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