10 Ways To Pack And Move Without Breaking Stuff.

Moving from one house to another is a massive tension on grownups. Parents with their families face a lot of problems while moving. Here, we present to you an all in all guide. If you feel like you need a few things before moving, you can use HotOzCoupons to buy them and get a considerable discount.

  1.    Where and how to start packing:-

When you are living in a home for the last few years or more, and then when you move to somewhere else, it’s a pretty hectic job. Well, packing is an essential thing while moving. Things get left behind. Things may break. And that’s the most heartbreaking experiences sometimes. So, we suggest not to panic or get confused. Pack your books, diaries, pens. You can start from the spare table cloths and things like that.

  1.    Make lists, make boxes:-

Make lists of important things you want to take with you. Make categories like kitchen or kitchen utensils to be more precise. Make boxes for different groups. Drop the stuff on special category boxes after last time you’re using it. This way, you can check if you have taken all the essentials mentioned in the list. It will help you with unpackaging in your new home.

  1.    Choose the right kind of boxes:-

Choosing the right type of boxes is another tough step while moving. Will you be spending some on boxes? Or will you use the old ones? If you already have the old organised boxes in your house that are still hard and strong, nothing better than that. But always check if the boxes are big enough to hold much stuff. If it is, then check if the boxes are hard enough to keep things and will not tear out. These things are tough to decide. Take your time, calculate how much boxes are you going to have? Then buy.

  1.    Easy ways to pack:-

We mostly take 8 to 12 month before moving entirely. However, none of us always get the right time to pack. So search for different types of ways that you can pack faster, and you can like, pack the essential things you need. This way, you will pack without leaving anything behind. Packaging gets much smoother this way.

  1.    Packing supplies:-

Packing supplies and things related to them are essential when you’re moving. Make a list of these things before even start packing. Because, with the right kind of packing supplies, packing gets faster. And if you can accurately calculate the right amount of supplies you might need, you can save yourself both energy and time. Oh! And money too. So, before start packing, make sure you have the right amount of required things in hand while packing.

  1.    Booking and planning the truck, plan everything:-

Booking a truck is essential. Naturally, because without it you can’t move. Use word-of-mouth or take help from the internet for the right kind of movers. Now if you’ve already booked a package and mover-plan then now you must decide how you want to load those boxes on the truck. Some want their valuables in the inside of the truck. While some want them nearer ends. So, plan your way to load even before actually loading the truck.

  1.    Packing big appliances:-

Big appliances are heavy to carry and awkward. However, things like the AC and fridges need some uninstalling. Do them before the mover arrives. Most of the movers insist you should keep your appliances packed before they reach your home. Try to provide them with that.

  1.    How to pack electronics:-

Packing electronic items is another tough thing. Most of us make huge losses on these items over the year while moving. So, it’s better to follow the step by step instructions for packaging of some particular appliances.

  1.    Packing delicate pictures, mirrors:-

Pictures can hurt you more than anything else. Memories are something that can make you or break you. Use bubble wraps between photographs and mirrors to prevent them from breaking. You can use the idea for your plate and other glass or porcelain utensils and artworks too.

  1.    Have an extra box:-

Always keep an additional box with you. Fill them with essentials you might need in the first few nights in your new home. Like, toothpaste, shaving creams etc.

These were our top 10 tips to help you move without breaking anything.

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